Elimu Community Light is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) which was registered in 2006. During its inception, ECOLI started with Early childhood programs and later expanded to other programs. Currently ECOLI runs four programs which are; Early Childhood Development (ECD) program for best child care, nurturing and education in both home and school environment; promotion of quality and equitable basic education; Community Engagement; and support Most Vulnerable Children to access education. To learn more about us view Our History page


VISION: Elimu Community Light envisions a Tanzania with educated and developed citizens. 

MISSION: Elimu Community Light’s mission is to enable, empower and enhance the capacity of marginalized groups by linking them with development opportunities and the social components necessary to alleviate the pernicious effects of poverty. Through this mission ELIMU promotes ECCD programs for children from birth to age eight, imparting knowledge and skills on positive care-giving, early childhood education, promotes basic education, support the MVC, and the overall development of children.


OBJECTIVES: Through its programs ELIMU is determined to fulfil a number of important objectives in Arusha Region. However, the organization expects to widen its geographical coverage in the near future. The objectives are;

  1. To identify problems facing marginalized groups in the society and find ways to solve them out.
  2. To promote and build capacity for quality child care, education services and social economic development in the society.
  3. To enhance quality livelihood among children, youths, women and other society members.
  4. Linking with other organizations and development partners to ensure improvement of the society.
  5. Doing fund raising for projects which will be able to implement the organization objectives.
  6. To affiliate, confer, consult and cooperate with government and private institutions, societies and organizations having same objectives in whole or partially to those of ORGANIZATION.
  7. To become leading NGO with good example to others as a catalyst of change and development to marginalized groups internally and externally



Juhudi N. Mbwambo

Founder and Executive Director

Juhudi N. Mbwambo is the founder of Elimu community Light (ECOLI)

He has diploma certificates for both Health and Nutrition Education and Early Childhood Education and has vast experiences in facilitation skills, teaching and coaching, projects management, researching, advocacy as well as report writing.

Juhudi has been working with Elimu Community Light since 2006 as coordinator and then Executive Director. For the whole period of working with ECOLI Juhudi has enabled the organization to build good relationship and cooperation with community, government and development partners. Juhudi has led and enabled the organization to implement various Early Childhood Development programs successfully including establish ECD centers, build teachers’ capacity on caring and teaching young children; engage community to implement and own ECD programs as well as promoting and improving basic education services education in Arusha region.  

Ansila B. Marandu

MEL Officer

Ansila  Marandu has bachelor of Education Degree and Masters of Arts in Development Management Degree. She has credibly worked for several nongovernmental organizations as a full time employee, a researcher, a volunteer and also as an independent consultant. She has worked for Maarifa ni Ufunguo, an education advocacy NGO which is based in Arusha; Hakikazi Catalyst an organization specialized on policy analysis and advocacy and she worked as a specialist for Programme Development, Learning, and Monitoring & Evaluation.

Throughout her service in these organizations, she had several opportunities of carrying out researches on various issues concerning education, gender, women economic empowerment and projects evaluation. She also has credible experience in facilitation skills, working with diverse groups, report writing, participatory methodologies, as well as lobbying and advocacy for improving community livelihoods.

Francis B. Luthavo

Program Officer

Francis is co-founder of Elimu Community Light (ECOLI). He is holding Master Guide degree offered by SDA worldwide youth program, also he has Diploma certificate in Early Childhood Education. Francis has been working with children and youth programs for over 20 years now. Since he has started to work with ECOLI he has been teaching children, coaching teachers, mobilizing parents and community members to implement ECD, primary education and Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) supporting programs at grassroots level hence enabled thousands of children access early childhood education, primary education and build the foundation of their education journey.

Current Francis is the field officer and through his reputable career and experiences of managing children and education programs, Francis leading organization’s projects operation in the community including Innovation for Early Learning project, Improving children Learning Outcomes project and MVC Educational Supporting Program.

Robert D. Shirima



Dr. Rashid A. Dachi,

Board Chair

Dr. Rashid Abdallah Dachi is a plant anatomy and medical doctor who is well known throughout Tanzania for treating severe diseases through natural therapy. 

Adeline J. Gara,

Board Accountant

With her extensive background in management, administration, accounting and community outreach, Gara is a true asset to ECOLI’s team of board members.

Dr. Regina Malima

Board member

Dr. Benjamin Sirimba

Vice - Board Chairperson

Boniface Limo

Board Member


Elimu Community Light (ECOLI),

Box 14767 Arusha – Tanzania,

Sinon Area after Sinon secondary and Sinon Primary Schools.

[P]:+255755379 574

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